Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct



At Future Manager Alliance (FMA) we commit to uphold this Code of Conduct, Ethics & Standards. 
We support the principles set forth below and acknowledge that compliance with these principles is in the best interests of the members and therefore of the whole FMA Group.
We will observe the highest principles of personal and professional integrity, professionalism and fair practice in dealing with members within our FMA Group, clients, candidates, and employees; and will respect the confidentiality of records in accordance with local laws and good business practices.
Members will observe the highest principles of ethics, equity, integrity, professional conduct and fair practice in dealing with both internal and external parts, and will conduct their business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the FMA Group and of each single member.  

  1. Freedom of the members

FMA will not force any member to stay within the FMA Group, and to continue to be part of it.
FMA will not interfere with the right of a member to accept or to decline a work deriving from the FMA: none of the members is forced to accept assignments from other members, without its willingness.
The FMA Group is made of bilateral private arrangements between members. All fees, charges and services provided must be explicitly and fully disclosed to the member, prior to the acceptance of an assignment or prior to any work. Members freely negotiate and agree kind of work, execution, timing, fees, etc.
FMA will recognize and respect the rights and privileges of the single member in the respect of individual initiative and free enterprise, and will refrain from engaging in acts of unfair competition.

  1. Loyalty and honesty

Every member of the FMA Group fully accepts that, most of all, FMA is based on trust.
Every member of the FMA Group fully accepts and identifies with the values of loyalty and honesty towards the other members. Members will act honestly in all dealings with candidates, clients, other members and their employees.
Members will not undertake actions that may unfairly or unlawfully jeopardize the other members.
Members will – in their dealings treat them the members – respect and aim to work in a fair and open competitive environment.
FMA will treat all colleagues, people within the FMA Group, candidates, employees without prejudice and will not accept an order from any client that is discriminatory in any way.

  1. Integrity

FMA will maintain the highest standards of integrity in all forms of advertising, communications and solicitations; members will conduct their own business in a manner designed to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the FMA Group and of its services (employment, recruitment and staffing).

  1. Confidentiality

Official documents and strategic decisions regarding the FMA Group have to be absolutely confidential and available only within the FMA Group. If a member has the need to share this information with an external player, there needs to be an authorization from all the members within the FMA Group.

  1. Property

Every knowledge, tool (even developed by the FMA Group), action or strategy are property of the local members, as long as the member remains in the FMA Group.

  1. Disputes

In case of dispute among members, the board members are allowed to take strategic decisions aimed at solving the dispute. 



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