Future Manager South Africa

Future Manager South Africa

Star Personnel Recruitment is the exclusive partner of Future Manager Alliance in South Africa.

About South Africa

South Africa is a cosmopolitan country, home to individuals from diverse walks of life.  Most South Africans speak at least two languages, with English being mandatory at schools. 

South Africa’s poor exchange rate makes it very attractive for South Africans to work abroad.  Furthermore, many South Africans even have an EU or other passport – so visas are often not a problem. 

Additionally, many international companies have realised that given the exchange rate, it is very economical (in terms of set up, staffing and running costs) to establish offices in South Africa, especially for IT development companies. 

How Star Personnel Recruitment, as a member of the FMA, can help you?

Star Personnel Recruitment (Pty) Ltd is one of the oldest and most respected owner-managed search and placement firms in South Africa.
Operating from centrally-located offices in Cape Town, we are well positioned to recruit great talent or to assist clients who are looking to establish a presence in Africa. 


Looking for South African talent?

  • Besides using our extensive database of candidates, we know how to engage with passive candidates who are looking but who don’t respond to adverts.
  • We interview candidates face-to-face and screen them according to your set criteria.
  • Our professional facilities allow you and your clients to do online or video interviews with candidates. By using our offices you give the candidates the confidence they are dealing with a professional organisation.
  • We network with partner companies in other parts of the country, thereby extending our reach.
  • We assist with further screening, negotiating, visas (if necessary) and onboarding of candidates and make sure that they are en-route to you in the shortest possible time (sometimes quicker than a candidate in your own country could give notice and start).
  • We maintain contact with candidates and ensure they settle in and are adding value to your organisation in the shortest possible time.

Looking to set up shop in South Africa?

  • We can advise you on locations for offices and assist you with appointing service providers (infrastructure and payment services etc).
  • We can assist you in staffing the offices and are able to handle any HR issues. We are well versed in the relevant local labour laws.


Cape Town

33 Millennium Business Park, 
Edison Way, Century City, 7540
Cape Town, South Africa

Lloyd Dicks – lloyd.dicks@futuremanageralliance.com


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