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Acropolis Associates, Founded in 1999 and established in China since 2004, is exclusive partner with Future Manager Alliance in China mainland and Hong Kong.

What is FMA?

Future Manager Alliance is the first Global Recruitment company specialized in the executive search of young managers.

As FMA China (China Mainland and Hong Kong)  we have the ability to provide Bilateral and multilateral retained search services, expanding to over five continents globally.
FMA is an entity consisting of companies that are co-shareholders. FMA is not a club of companies grouped by a membership.

How we can help you globally?
As the FMA exclusive partner in China and Hong Kong we can provide retained recruiting services to those foreign companies seeking to operate in China & Hong Kong, as well International companies seeking to expand to other countries.
We can provide solutions for international development by connecting your business with our recruiting partners spanning five different continents and 28+ countries worldwide.
Our worldwide presence enables us to find candidates across the globe. We offer a global service with local expertise; we can be your contact point for the United States, Europe or Middle East, from your HQ anywhere in the world, as well as a partner for the local HR department.

How we can help locally in China Mainland & Hong Kong

  • Executive search
  • Consulting service to enter the Chinese market
  • Portage salarial (umbrella services/employees hosting)


  1. Executive search is our core business since 2004. Our worldwide presence enables us to find candidates across the globe for your entities in China. We offer a global service with local expertise. We can facilitate any level search, across the organizational chart, from C-level to Sales, Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Supply Chain & Logistics, Production, R&D, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal. We can provide relevant information on market trends and salary benchmarks
  2.  We specialize in providing in-depth consulting services to international companies seeking to establish or expand in the Chinese market. Our guidance is based on our entrepreneurial experience in China and the experience of our clients; it is practical and concrete, free from unrealistic or expensive theories. Partner’s identification is the most frequently required service from corporations: industrial, commercial or financial partners identification to develop in China, to set up a Joint Venture company or a WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise).
  3. Since 2010, we are delivering Portage salarial (umbrella services/employees hosting). We host in our payroll Chinese and western employees. It allows companies wishing to evaluate the Chinese market to legally hire (through us) 1 or more employees (sales or marketing) for 1 or 2 years. Then, these companies can decide to create their own legal structure if the market is favorable to them. This service makes it possible to test the Chinese market with a lower cost and financial risk.

It is a high added value services. We are proud to be able to provide multiple and excellent recommendations from our clients based on many years of practice.

Currently, we are presence in 26 countries
Our goal is to reach 50 partners in 50 countries by 2022.

Asia (1)

China Mainland & Hong Kong

Europe (12)

Czech Republic, France, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, England (United Kingdom)

Middle East (5)

Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

North America (1)

The United States of America (USA)

Central America (1)


South America (5)

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay

Africa (1)

South Africa




Acropolis Associates是Future Manager Alliance在中国大陆及香港地区的独家合作伙伴。

创立于1999年并于2005年在中国注册,Acropolis Associates很高兴地宣布与Future Manager Alliance达成合作关系。



Future Manager Alliance(FMA)是一家全球性实体,由精选自世界各地的猎头和招聘公司组成。作为其中国内地和香港的合作伙伴,我们可以提供双边和多边的独家服务,并扩展到全球五大洲。




作为FMA在中国大陆和香港的独家合作伙伴,Acropolis Associates可以为想在中国大陆和香港经营的外国公司以及寻求扩展到其他国家的国际公司提供独家招聘服务。





  • 专业人才招聘
  • 进入中国市场的咨询服务
  • 项目行政管理服务


  1. 专业人才招聘是我们自2004年以来的核心业务。我们的全球化业务让我们能够为您在中国的公司寻找世界各地的候选人。我们提供具备当地专业经验的全球服务。我们可以提升整个组织结构图中的任何级别搜索,从C级到销售、市场营销、财务和会计、供应链和物流、生产、研发、人力资源、信息技术以及法律。 我们可以提供市场趋势和薪资基准的相关信息。
  2.  我们专注于为寻求在中国建立或拓展市场的国际公司提供深层的咨询服务。我们的指导是基于我们在中国的创业经验和客户的经验; 有别于不切实际或高价的理论,我们的指导是实用而具体的。企业最常需要的服务是识别合作伙伴:工业、商业或金融合作伙伴的识别以及来中国发展,成立合资公司或外商独资企业。
  3. 自2010年以来,我们一直提供项目行政管理服务。我们管理中外籍员工的薪酬等。该服务可以让有意进入中国市场的公司(通过我们)合法雇用一到多名员工(销售或营销)一年或两年。之后,若受市场青睐,这些公司可以决定设立自己的合法机构。该服务可以让企业以较低的成本和财务风险进入中国市场。






















18th floor – 1805, Lv Di Shang Wu building – 1258 Yuyuan Road – 200050 – Shanghai, China

Nicolas Milonas – nicolas.milonas@futuremanageralliance.com

Nicolas Milonas - FMA China
Suzy Ma - FMA China


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