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Future Manager Alliance – Worldwide Press Review

  2018 Lavanguardia – 15/03/2018: “Somos una empresa que siente pasión por las personas”   2017 Rai Cultura – Economia – 04/12/2017: Università e carriera: come cambia il gap di genere? La – 14/11/2017: Lgbt, le discrimininazioni mettono un freno alla carriera Alley Oop – Il Sole 24 Ore – 27/11/2017: Più preparate ma meno retribuite: la

Dmytro Klim Explains Why Many Ukrainians Work Abroad

  Dmytro Klim, Member of the Board of Future Manager Alliance , has given an interview to UATV  about how private Ukrainian businesses and the government can help prevent the brain drain of talented engineers and IT technology professionals from the country and how the rule of law. Interview recorded at the New Ukraine Investment Conference

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